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How much is a Prada purse depends on the style and material of the purse. Saffiano leather is the Prada signature leather and is used in the most expensive Prada purses.

How Much Is a Prada Purse in Saffiano Leather?

An average sized Prada Saffiano leather purse cost around $2,600 to $3,200, depending on the style, design, size, and color. You can find smaller purses for around $1,600 to $2,600.

What Is Prada Saffiano Leather?

Prada’s patented Saffiano leather is considered the epitome of designer leather. The Saffiano leather is coated with wax and a cross hatch print is set into it. This patented process makes the leather water resistant. Many manufacturers have copied the technique, but the original Saffiano leather is made by Prada. The Prada Saffiano leather purses are the most highly prized and sought after designs.

Three Popular Prada Purse Styles

You can choose from a large purse size to a small purse design in the popular Prada purse styles. You may find one of these three designs the right choice for your personal taste. Each of the three Prada signature Saffiano leather purses featured are available in small, medium, and large sizes. You can begin to understand the value of each purse design and the cost differences with an example of each size listed.

Prada Large Double Tote Bag

The Prada Double tote is an all-time favorite. The Prada Double Tote features the iconic signature Saffiano leather. You can carry the Prada tote using double top handles or you may prefer to wear the purse on your shoulder or crossbody style using the detachable and adjustable shoulder strap. The interior features Nappa leather for a colorful lining. The purse has gold-toned hardware, and the Prada logo is finished in a gold-tone. Inside you’ll find one flap pocket and two side snap closures.

  • Size: 10.5″Hx6.8″Lx14″W
  • Colors: 4 Available
  • Price: Around $3,250
Prada Large Double Tote Bag

Prada Medium Galleria Purse

The Prada Medium Galleria purse is made of the Prada signature Saffiano leather. The Prada Galleria bag is a timeless, sophisticated and sleek purse design. You can carry the purse with the top loop leather handles or use the detachable, adjustable leather strap to wear it as a shoulder bag. The Prada logo triangle is made of leather and gold-tone metal. The leather key chain is detachable. The purse features a zip pocket on the front and back. End snap closures secure the open center compartment. Inside, the lining features the Prada logo pattern. The open compartment front wall features two slip pockets. The back wall has one zip pocket and a larger slip pocket featuring the Prada logo.

  • Size: 12.6Wx9.5″Hx3.5″D
  • Colors: 17 available
  • Price: Around $2,750
Prada Medium Galleria Purse

Prada Small Saffiano Leather Panier Bag

The Prada Small Saffiano leather Panier bag is compact and boasts an elegant design featuring a single top grab handle. The shoulder strap is detachable and adjustable. This allows you to wear the bag on your shoulder or crossbody style. There is a leather luggage tag and the triangle leather gold-tone metal Prada logo on the front. The open compartment is secured with a magnetic flap fastener. Inside, you’ll find two open compartments that are divided by a leather slip pocket.

  • Colors: 9 available
  • Size: 7″Hx4″Dx 6″W
  • Price: Around $2,250
Prada Small Saffiano Leather Panier Bag

Prada Nylon Bag

The Prada Re-Editions nylon purses feature two designs. The first is the 2005 nylon bag, and the second is the 2006 nylon bag. Each bag has been re-interpreted and created to meet modern fashion and lifestyle demands.

Prada Re-Editions 2006 Nylon Bag

The iconic Prada Re-Editions 2006 Nylon Bag re-interpreted features modern sophisticated details. The handle is created by a clasp connection of the two ends. The open compartment is secured with a zip top closure. The Prada triangle logo is featured on the front of the purse and there is a detachable Re-Edition leather keyring. The purse has a removable shoulder strap, so you can wear the purse on the shoulder or crossbody style.

  • Strap length: 41.3″
  • Size: 6″Hx8.5″W
  • Colors: 4 Available
  • Price: Around $1,270
Prada Re-Editions 2006 Nylon Bag

Prada Re-Edition 2005 Nylon Bag

The Prada Re-Edition 2005 nylon bag re-invents this classic purse style with contemporary features, such as a wide detachable and adjustable crossbody strap with its own detachable zip top pouch. The purse has a detachable silver chain handle. The open compartment is secured with the zip top closure. The leather tag/key chain is also detachable.

  • Size: 7″Hx2.5Dx8.6″L
  • Colors: 9 Available
  • Price: Around $1,390
Prada Re-Edition 2005 Nylon Bag

What Is the Most Popular Prada Bag?

The Leather Prada Cahier Bag is a very popular Prada bag. It was inspired by the designs of ancient and very valuable books that were secured with metal latches and protected by metal corners and edging. Made of soft half leather, the Prada Cahier bag features a two-tone color design. The bag features a detachable and adjustable strap, allowing you to wear it on your shoulder or crossbody style.

  • Strap length: 41.3″
  • Size: 6″Hx3″Dx8″L
  • Colors: 16 Available
  • Price: Around $3,150
Leather Prada Cahier Bag

How Much Is a Prada Purse and What Is the Size?

You can buy a Prada purse for around $3,200 to about $1,270, depending on the style, size, and material. You may decide that the Prada designs that feature the Prada signature Saffiano leather are the mainstay designs you want for your collection.

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