Purse hook on a bar

You can use a purse hook for a table to keep it off the floor. There are many types of purse hangers that you can use for all handbag sizes and styles. These handy accessories make it possible to keep your purse safe, secure and clean wherever you happen to be.

6-Piece Purse Hook Set for Tables

The 6-piece set of purse hooks for a table gives you six different styles. The handbag hooks are made of quality zinc alloy with decorative ceramics. The ceramic discs feature a no-slip pad to prevent slippage. The purse hooks will fit up to a 2.56″ table or desk thickness and support up to 22 lbs.

  • Size: 4.7”Lx3.5’Wx0.4”D
  • Price: Around $15

Purse Hook and Velvet Pouch

A purse hook and velvet pouch lets you keep your purse close to you and off the floor in restaurants, restrooms, bars, and other public areas. The purse hanger comes with a drawstring velvet pouch for safekeeping when you aren’t using it. The purse hook supports up to 22 pounds.

  • Designs: 18 available
  • Size: 4.5″Lx2.8″Wx0.3″D
  • Price: Around $7
ROFLYER Purse Hook Hanger with Velvet Pouch

Round or Heart-Shaped Personalized Purse Hook

The round or heart-shaped personalized purse hook secures to a tabletop or desk to keep your purse off the floor. It has a clasp-style closure for convenient storage when not in use. You can upload whatever photo you wish for a truly personalized purse hanger.It costs around $14

Night Owl Purse Hangers

The night owl folding purse hook is for a smaller purse. The purse hanger is a J-hook design with a rubber backing that prevents the hanger from slipping or sliding. The night owl is adorable with abalone like specks and large pearl like eyes. A red enameled bow graces the J-hook portion of the hanger. The purse hook will support up to 12 lbs.

  • Size: 2.6″Lx1.8″Wx0.4″D
  • Price: Around $8
Royceflyer Night Owl Purse Hangers

Sunferno Purse Hook for Car Headrests

The Sunferno 4-pack purse hook for car headrests fits as back seat hangers for your purses, handbags, and even grocery bags. The purse hooks slide and lock onto the headrest rod. The purse hooks will fit headrest rod diameters from 0.4″ – 0.6″. The purse hooks will hold up to 44 lbs.

  • Color: Black
  • Price: Around $12

HEROCLIP Carabiner Hook for Purse

The HEROCLIP carabiner clip and hook is ideal for a stroller. The purse hook will support up to 50 lbs and best fits a stroller instead of than a tabletop, so you’ll want a different purse hook for a table.

  • Open size: 3″Wx7.25″L
  • Closed size: 3″Wx3.75″L
  • Price: Around $20

Bag-a-Vie 3-PK Purse Hangers for Closet

The Bag-a-Vie 3-pack purse hook set is made specifically for hanging handbags in your closet. It is made of durable lightweight polished plastic. The hooks come with a lifetime guarantee.

  • Size: 6.85″Wx5.63″Hx2.01″D
  • Color: Black
  • Price: Around $30

Rotatable 4-Hook Purse Hangers for Closet

Stock Show presents a one-piece rotatable 4-hook purse closet hanger. You can store four purses on one hanger. The plastic hanger fits easily over your closet rod like any coat hanger.

  • Size: 15.59″Lx3.19″Wx2.28″D
  • Color: Transparent blue
  • Price: Around $16
Stock Show 4 Hooks Rotatable Closet Purse Hanger

Clipa Handbag Portable Purse Hangers

Clipa bracelet purse hangers are a unique circular design, similar to a hinged bangle bracelet. Mike Sweeney, President of Clipa, says that the two-ounce clip “is designed to hold heavy purses and backpacks up to 33 pounds.” He adds that the “patented closure system really stands up to use and has been tested to last 10 years.” Some customers like the design so much that they wear their Clipa handbag hangers as bracelets. The hangers come in a polished or matte finish in silver, hematite, gold, or copper-rose gold tones.

  • Size: 2.8″diameter
  • Price: Around $16

Classico Over-the-Door Purse Holder

Douglas Stewart Co. InterDesign Classico Over-the-Door Holder features 3-hooks in a chrome finish that fits a standard size door. The steel wire holders allow you to hang your purses from the straps over the back of a closet door. This makes an affordable option that will go with any style of decor.

  • Size: 3.25″Dx4.5″Wx12.88″L
  • Price: Around $20
InterDesign Classico Over-th-Door Holder

Free Me Door Purse Hooks

The Free Me purse hook for doors is slim but strong, supporting up to 15 lbs. The padded stainless steel hook fits over the top of the door, allowing the door to open and close easily. The hook features an arched wood handle for the purse straps or handles to rest. The purse hook fits a standard interior door that is 1 3/8″ thick.

  • Size: 1.25″Wx7″Lx2.75″W
  • Price: Around $10

Tips for Selecting a Purse Hook or Hanger

It is important to always consider the size of your bag when purchasing a hanger. Lower quality hangers may not reference a weight amount, so if you have a very heavy purse or bag, be sure it will hold the weight. Good quality hooks may be able to hold thirty pounds or more. Also consider the type of bag you usually carry. Long straps and messenger bags may not work with hangers.

Purse Hook Designs for Convenience and Storage

You can use a purse hook for convenience when you’re in public facilities, restaurants and other venues. Purse hangers are a great way to store your purses to prevent damage.

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